Ethics Article for July LPCA Newsletter

It is an honor to be asked to serve and elected as the Ethics Chair for the 2012-2013 year. I really felt like I had a big kick-off with the large turn-out in my session at the conference on Supervision and Ethics. It is a great thing to see the enthusiasm of so many fellow LPCs in attendance. One of the ways we stay ethical is in our support of each other.

Over the next year I want to focus on three goals to help move the organization and the profession forward:

  1. Create LPCA Recommendations for Teletherapy
  2. Increase the number of Certified Professional Counselor Supervisors (CPCS)
  3. Increase the amount of training on Supervision

We live in an age where new information technology is the norm. At age 3, my son wanted a computer of his own to play on. At age 9, he can fully navigate my smart phone. His 7 year old sister is not far behind. As therapists, we have to adapt to the information flow in the world, and what sorts of expectations our clients will have. Some of us are more comfortable with the technology than others. The great thing about this organization is the power for those of us that are comfortable can help those of us who are not.

The Composite Board is behind the LPCA’s Certified Professional Counselor Supervisors (CPCS). I know many LPC’s out there are working towards this, and some more have started to look into it. I think this certification is vital to the advancement of our profession. Three years of being an LPC is simply no guarantee of being a good supervisor. I am a leader in Cub Scouts, and Scouts have a saying: “The Boys deserve trained leaders”. Our up and coming fellow therapists deserve trained leaders too. I welcome any questions people have on CPCS.

We also need more Supervisors to step up to offer training throughout the year. If you have the expertise, your fellow LPC Supervisors need access to your wisdom. I am challenging those of us (myself included) with the CPCS to give back to the profession. The LPC can help approve your workshop for CEU’s. All of us need renewal time every two years, and all of us need to help each other stay sharp.

We are at an exciting time to be a therapist, and I think we are on the cusp of big changes in Georgia. I invite you to come be a part of the changes. I invite any of you that are interested in ethics and supervision to join me on the committee. We need a diversity of voices to match the diversity of LPC’s in Georgia.