Ethics Article for September LPCA Newsletter

Is it September already? Wasn’t it just the start of summer? It is hard to believe that a quarter of a year has already passed.

As we move into autumn, I have found myself thinking about change and how we adapt. Usually, we tend to dig in our heels, and demand things stay the same. I know I like my routines, but life has a funny way of coming across to change them for me. Sometimes, these end up for the better, and sometimes the changes are a challenge. As therapists, we often help our clients face changes, but we can be as reactionary as anyone else.

That is why I think we need to continue to work with our peers to make sure our own journeys are not getting in the way of our work with our clients or supervisees. I think that peer supervision is a vital component of what we do, and when we discount it or avoid it, we do so at our peril. No one is particularly good at detecting their own burnout, and all of us have those blind spots, no matter how much we think we know about ourselves.

At our agency, several of us who provide supervision are forming a supervision peer group. I have no idea how we will find the time to meet regularly, but all of us are dedicated to finding the time. Some of us may come to some of the meetings electronically, but we will be making the effort to come together to improve ourselves and thus improve the experience for our supervisees.

I hope that everyone practicing is involved in some sort of supervision of their work. We all need to be. Our work is one of the most profound things that can be done with another human being, and we owe it to the people we are serving to bring our very best.

And that means we have to change.